Why Us

At Greenz, we create unique, innovative salads, sandwiches, wraps and soups for Z' adventurous! With fresh, healthy ingredients and beautiful presentations, salads are transformed from blah to bold. Try some of our favorites like the classy Hawaiaan Tuna Salad, the zesty Grilled Southwestern Shrimp Salad, or our local favorite, the Bbq Texas Slaw Salad!

Check Out Our Catering Options

Greenz Salads began as a trendy Dallas soup and salad spot. We've since branched out into a unique franchise that specializes in delivering and catering. We supply food for any kind of event - Corporate meetings, special presentations, business functions, galas, parties. We bring the adventure to you!

Our specials

Spinach Pinwheels $5.25

Fresh baby spinach, goat cheese and candied pecans rolled in a fresh flour tortilla, cut into bite-size portions.

Chipotle Pinwheelse $5.23

Shredded chipotle chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and monterrey jack cheese spiraled into mini tomato-basil tortilla wraps. Served with Leal’s Salsa Festiva.

Panko Shrimp Skewers $3.95

Jumbo shrimp skewers coated with crispy Japanese breadcrumbs and fried to perfection. Accompanied by a spicy lemongrass dipping sauce..


Ask for a custom menu for your wedding and rehearsal dinner, baby shower, or birthday. You name it, we’ll plan the perfect food for you!

Our chef-inspired dishes arrive artfully presented, healthy to eat and full of flavor!

We provide the napkins, plates and utensils with every order.

WANT A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING? We offer an assorted small tray too! Inquire for pricing.

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